Over the past 8 months, COVID-19 has swept across the world and not left a single region or human-inhabited place on earth untouched. We have all endured something which we probably would never have dreamed of witnessing and going through in our lifetime.

The scale and magnitude of those who have infected by the deadly Coronavirus is unprecedented. To combat this pandemic threat, the Sri Lankan government has imposed a national lockdown.

As a result of the enforced curfews and movement restrictions, the livelihoods of many of the low-income and economically deprived families who were living below the poverty line had adversely impacted due to limited mobility and the lack of work.

MFCD, being at the forefront of humanitarian agencies in the country, passionately appealed to the generosity of many organizations to come forward to assist the underprivileged and the poorest segments in our society: specifically daily wage earners, single-parent families, widows and the unemployed who had been impacted by the lockdown and who live a day-to-day existence.

In response to MFCD’s appeal, a number of international organizations including local donors came forward to provide humanitarian assistance in our hour of need.

On their behalf and with the help of aid received, we strictly adhere to all hygienic and sanitation protocols and distributed food hampers to vulnerable segments of society that have been affected by the lockdown.

MFCD takes pleasure to record their yeoman services in our Website and we sincerely salute all our generous donors for extending their helping hands for the cause of bettering the lives of the hapless in our society.

That being said, our planet is in peril perhaps like never before. The COVID-19 pandemic is far from being over, with predictions that it might linger in our midst for an unspecified time as the relevant agencies do not have estimates as to when we can hope to see the end of this virus.

A case in point, a second wave has hit Sri Lanka from the Divulapitiya and Peliyagoda duel cluster and as of now, over 15,000 COVID19 cases have been identified with 48 deaths. Sri Lanka is now at the third transmission level.

In closing, to mitigate the proliferation of COVID-19, MFCD wishes to propagate three basic guidelines: respiratory etiquette (Wear Masks), hand hygiene and social distance and urge everyone to adhere to these guidelines when leaving the house.

Stay safe all of you.


About Us

Muslim Foundation for Culture and Development (MFCD) is a non-profit, non – governmental humanitarian aid agency, duly incorporated by Act of Parliament (No. 28 of 2008) of Sri Lanka. MFCD is also accredited as a member of the Asian Disaster Relief and Response Network (ADRRN).

It is legally mandated for the soliciting / disbursement of funds for humanitarian assistance and charitable purposes thereof.
President's Message 

The MFCD was inaugurated in 2001. Initially, it confined its humanitarian task on a small scale to serve the community. In 2004, soon after the Tsunami which was one of the worst disasters ever recorded in the annals of Sri Lanka history, the MFCD transformed per se into a national level Non-Governmental Organization, and made significant contributions to the humanitarian and development initiatives in Sri Lanka.
Our Achievements

1. Constructed more than 80 Cultural and Community Centres.

2. Built around 150 houses for the poor people and more than 800 temporary houses for victims of Tsunami.

3. Constructed 644 deep wells and provided more than 700 water connections to the needy house holders.



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